Recent Before & After Photos

Property Damage At Local Commercial Apartment Building

SERVPRO of Hillsboro/ Forest Grove is Here to Help our communities when disaster strikes. That includes even a deep cleaning that needs a little bit more elbow ... READ MORE

We need to act quickly!

We got a call for this water loss at nearly 5 pm. It came in as a "slow leak" from the washing machine, however upon arrival it was clear that this slow leak ha... READ MORE

26,000 gallons of water and dry in 6 days? How?

This loss was really special to all of us here at SERVPRO. From our operations manager to our technicians we were all pleasantly surprised when this building wa... READ MORE

Quick thinking and quick response go a long way

This home was one of the special circumstances where the customer's quick actions and our quick response time helped evade the demolition of an entire kitchen. ... READ MORE

Save the tree's... or the wood flooring!

Our crews utilize a system we refer to as "tenting". This is a combination technique in which we use a heater within a containment, and a dehumidifier to evapor... READ MORE

Winter remodeling can be risky!

In the last 5 months we have had an influx of winter-remolding related losses. In this specific home a contractor had installed new skylights. Within a few mont... READ MORE

Can you dry vinyl?

Unfortunately, most time we cannot dry vinyl. The reason we usually cannot dry vinyl is because it is a vapor barrier. As you see in these photos the vinyl had ... READ MORE

Is saving the flooring the best method?

This loss occurred due to a supply line break from the dishwasher. We originally attempted to dry the flooring as it was custom made. Unfortunately, two days a... READ MORE

Water loss at school in Vernonia, OR

"Looks like schools closed for the rest of the year!", not when SERVPRO is around! This is a two story school that had many rooms affected in this commercial wa... READ MORE

Water loss at an office in Gladstone, OR

This water loss was caused by a sewage back up that affected an office, a main waiting area, bathroom and a very sensitive server room as well as a storage area... READ MORE