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Water Damage Testimonials

I would recommend SERVPRO to friends and family without hesitation. All of the guys were friendly, professional and efficient!

Andrew has gone above and beyond! He's been patiently answering my questions and validating my concerns. Benito is a WORKHORSE and knows his stuff! I've been so very fortunate to have such great guys to help me through this ordeal. I've told Andrew several times how much I appreciate his work and am constantly amazed at his old-fashioned service-oriented ethic. It's as if we grew up in the same neighborhood. I will be commenting on Nextdoor in an effort to encourage people to use the Hillsboro SERVPRO in our vicinity for the stressful situations that come from home ownership. Of course, the office staff has been stellar too....so I hope some of the kudos filters down to you too.

Thank you all!! This has been such a horrific time in my life and I appreciate all of you and what you have done to help save my house. I am so incredibly thankful for every single person at SERVPRO. The quickness of response to our claim and the way every single person at serve pro has treated us and  our home is amazing. As an insurance agent that has referred people to SERVPRO for years I am so impressed with what I have seen on this side of things. Thank you to every single one of you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get through one of the worst situations of my life.

Politeness and articulation of the on-site personnel.

Extremely nice and courteous.

Staff was great and updated me on the progress. 

Great Job! floor looks like new, very courteous employees. 

I would strongly recommend all of the staff. They are amazing. They were very courteous, very respectful, and I appreciate your company, thank you!

I liked how they cleaned up everything when they left. 

Andrew and his crew from day one have been great. Andrew is really polite and kind to his teammates. they need to be cloned. 

Everyone was polite and respectful. Jim was excellent as well. 

They stayed with the challenging job till it met their requirements. 

Thank you very much during this unexpected event. 

I liked the crews that where on site. I am happy with work done.

Your team has been fantastic at every level of the job. Especially appreciate how clean and respectful to our home you are.

I will recommend them for friends and family.

We are very appreciative of the team’s quick response, customer service, attention, communication, and hard work. Thank you!

I would like to compliment the entire staff (and especially Andrew) for their responsiveness and professionalism during this stressful time. They’re wonderful!

Very polite and accommodating

Without SERVPRO, not sure how or when we would have been able to start getting our home fixed. Thank you again.

Andrew Doug & Casey were great! Courteous, explained everything to this old gal, very efficient. Would recommend highly!

Special thanks and appreciation for the crew: Doug, Andrew, Corey and K.C. for a job well done, excellent attitude, politeness and cooperative spirit!

Andrew Doug & Casey were great! Courteous, explained everything to this old gal, very efficient. Would recommend highly!

Although the damages that happened really sucked and has been a great inconvenience to our family the SERVPRO employees have been very kind helping through it all. The work done in our home has been very appreciated, thank you.

Andrew was the best. He was so helpful, kind, and extremely professional.

They were great!

Bill, Andrew, and crew were excellent. Good communication, and good work!

I want to particularly mention and thank Doug and Andrew. I was really overwhelmed with all the information and equipment, etc. They were both so kind and patient. They explained everything and never made me feel stupid or silly. 

Their service was remarkable.

Thank you so much,you’re fabulous!

Everyone was professional and knowledgeable!

You guys are the best! Thank you!

"These guys from the Hillsboro/Forest Grove franchise were fantastic with helping me understand the scope of the damage and the clean up process"

"Workers arrived exactly on time which I really appreciated. They listened to my health issues. They answered all my questions with patience. And they introduced themselves when they arrived which was nice"

You and your company are the best of the 20 contractors that I interviewed, and 7 that I contracted to maintain my home, in the past month.

  By far, this experience, including a less than original bid final cost, which must be unheard of, not to mention being on time, every time, clean, professional, and then as a bonus your office being especially attentive, is something these other contractors just can't do, for whatever reasons.   People don't have time and money for those that don't share their interests. Seems obvious doesn't it?   I hope you great luck, as you have the hard work part already figured out, it seems.  



SERVPRO responded soon after I called.  They were very careful to address the concerns we had about the water damage while also making sure our special needs son was not affected.  Thank You for your expertise and professionalism.

Thank you so much for the updates and the excellent work your company did in serving our mutual client. We will highly recommend your company to other home owners that need your service.

SERVPRO Hillsboro/Forest Grove came to our Rescue!  Thank You! 

We just went through the mold remediation process in our home and I wanted to express how much I appreciated Andrew. He did an excellent job and was very helpful and informative through the entire process. We weren't sure what to expect but he was very nice and made sure to keep us informed about what he was doing. He was very friendly and we appreciated working with him.

I know it was a small job, but my husband & I are VERY happy with your quick, thorough, & professional work (& workers). If we ever need this sort of service again, we'll definitely be calling you. Thanks.

Just want to let all of you know about the GREAT job SERVPRO did on a carpet I thought was a lost cause. These guys went above and beyond. This carpet now looks amazing & believe me it was bad before they got their hands on it. They also do Fire & Water cleanup, restoration & Biohazard. They also are great for apartments that have heavy cig smoke damage.

So if you are look for a company that does a wonderful job give them a call.

Patty Alex Karen's Korner Apartments