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Maintain your Laundromat free of fire

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

With a recent influx of Laundromat fires here are some helpful tips to prevent fires. 

According to Martin-Ray Laundry systems here are some very helpful tips to prevent a fire in your commercial laundromat:

Keep exterior of laundry equipment clean: No matter what type of commercial laundry equipment you use, keeping the outside of it clean is always an easy first step. Not only will the clean equipment improve the overall look of your laundry facility, regular cleanings can help prevent lint and other debris from getting inside the machines and causing damage. Regular cleaning can also prevent leftover soaps and detergents from corroding and damaging the machines.

Clean soap dispensers: Soaps, powdered detergent, and boosters can quickly gum up dispensers. Regularly cleaning out these dispensers or soaking them in water can help prevent major clogs or corrosive damage that might require you to completely replace them.

Clean or replace the water filter inlet screens regularly: These screens can become blocked by small particles over time, which may prevent proper water flow into the machine.

Check inlet and outlet hoses regularly: These hoses can get sediment buildup and tiny leaks. Inspecting and changing these as needed can help prevent loss of water and a high-water bill.

Check the belts from the motor to the drum on machines: Look for things like fraying or splitting and replace these belts as needed. Generally, these must be replaced about twice each year.

Check seals around washer doors: Regularly checking for and removing buildup around the seals on your washers can help make sure your equipment always has a water-tight seal to prevent leaking.

Leave washer doors open when possible: Leaving the washer doors open when they are not in use, can help ensure air circulates to the interior and the machines dry properly.

Check lint filters after each load: Customers may forget to clean out the lint filter on dryers between loads. You should consistently be monitoring this in your laundromat equipment to help prevent potential fires and overheating.

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